I am suffering from sex problems from a long time

My age is 39 years and I am married. I am suffering from sex problems from a long time. The details are given below:

Sperm (very few), hand practice (from the age of 16 years and it continues after marriage also), small penis (Appx. 5 Inches- it is not enough for complete sex), bent left side in penis, penis is fat from front side and thin from backside,   early discharge (only in 20 Seconds), no hardness in penis  every time (very loose), when I am ready for sex my penis is hard and then I put on condom for sex before start intercourse the penis has become loose and I can’t have sex. Some liquid leaks from penis at the time of talking about sex, reading sexy books and seeing a blue film. Weakness after intercourse. I am very shameful in front of my life partner from a long time and my life is going onto divorce track.

So you are requested to help me and given a best and effective formula of medicine and oil for these all problems. I will be very thankful to you in life. Thanks – A patient


Your condition is more serious than I could properly respond to in a short email message. The description of your condition reveals serious damage to the erectile tissues which hold blood during erection. I suggest you seek the help of a qualified physician immediately. Once the physical penis is properly diagnosed and the damage treated, then you can return with questions about ejaculation mastery, but your situations requires attention before we can suggest any practices regarding ejaculation mastery.

Here are a few additional comments.

Your penis is of average size. There is nothing wrong with a 5 inch penis; normally it would be quite sufficient for sexual intercourse, but in your case it is the malformation of the penis caused by the damage to the erectile tissues.

Weakness after intercourse is primarily caused by ejaculation, not intercourse. It may well have been some very rough handling during masturbation that has caused the damage to your penis (but this is speculation on my part and must be confirmed by a physician), and if your are frequently masturbating to include ejaculation, this would contribute to making it difficult to get erections during sex with your wife, and tiredness after sexual intercourse (including ejaculation). One thing to try immediately is to discontinue all masturbation, but most importantly stop having ejaculations during masturbation. This will enable you to regain some physical energy and sexual vitality.

In addition to this, make foreplay a much longer period of time (including everything leading up to but not including penetration – for example, approximately one hour of foreplay). If your wife is willing, have her massage your body, with particular attention to the large muscles of the legs (thighs), stomach, back and shoulders. This helps the muscles to relax and get blood and energy moving.

Start a regular practice of PC squeezing. This means squeeze the muscles of your genitals as if you were stopping the flow of urine midstream. Work up, over a period of say 2-3 weeks to doing about 100 squeezes per day, each squeeze lasting 5-7 seconds. Don’t try to squeeze as hard as you can, but be firm.

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